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This category covers the HR functionality options in Visma Nmbrs. The following topics are discussed:

Registration of HR data

Visma Nmbrs offers HR dashlts for linking various data:


Document management

Documents from employees or companies can be managed at various levels.
When HR data is being entered, action points and documents can be added. These documents and overviews can be viewed using the HR Documents dashboard.


HR signals

In Visma Nmbrs, HR messages for birthdays, anniversaries and retirement dates can be set, for example. You determine when and to whom these HR signals are sent:


Departments & managers

Departments are one aspect of HR. You can grant (login) access to a manager to employees within a department or directly link a manager to an employee. Employees can be linked to a department. Then, one or more managers can be linked to this department:



Functions can be added to an employee. Function models can also be created at the master level, optionally. At the employee level, functions can then be selected from the function model.




Nyheter / uppdateringar

Håll dig uppdaterad med de senaste nyheterna och uppdateringarna från Nmbrs.


Sociala medier

Håll dig uppdaterad om Visma Nmbrs senaste nyheter genom att följa oss på sociala medier och läsa vår blogg.



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