Time registration through the app for Managers / Accountants

Employees can register hours in the time registration via the customer environment, as well as via their mobile app. If an employee submits hours in the app, this will be sent to the next step in the approval chain. Who this is, depends on the settings available in your authentication chain and these settings are made in your web environment.

After the time registration has been approved by the final step in the approval chain, it will be marked as "Approved" in the employee's calendar in both the customer environment and mobile app. Please note that it is not possible to approve a time registration via the app, this must be managed in the customer environment.

In order for a time registration to be managed by a manager, both must have write permissions in the time registration module. These settings can be handled under Master settings, "Users" & "User Card".

For a request for time registration from an employee to be visible, you need to ensure that the deviation module is visible. Please set this by clicking "Change" in the top right corner, then go to "Payroll" in the menu and make the "Timer" module visible.

If you want to know more about how an employee can use the mobile app, see the following article

Time registration through the app



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