Time Registration Codes

In Nmbrs you can use the time registration to input scheduled events (sickness, paid leave, parental leave etc.). These events will show on the payslip. 

On masterlevel and debtorlevel you can add a time registration model by clicking on 'new time registration model'.


When you created a new time registration model you can add the codes by clicking on 'time registration types'.

When you save the selected codes they will show in the selected time registration model. The model has to be linked to the used labour agreement for the company. 


Here you can find a list of all the time registration codes in Nmbrs:

Note: For sickness codes 1004 and 1005 trigger an automatic calculation. For more information check this article. 

  1000 Arbetad tid
  1001 Sjuk 25% (dagar)
  1002 Sjuk 50% (dagar)
  1003 Sjuk 75% (dagar)
  1004 Sjuk (dagar)
  1005 Sjuk
  1008 Tjänstledig
  1009 Tjänstledig (dagar)
  1010 Föräldraledighet
  1011 Föräldraledighet (dagar)
  1012 Vård av barn
  1013 Vård av barn (dagar)
  1015 Semester
  1020 Tjäna in kompensationstimmar
  1022 Ta ut kompensationstimmar
  1023 Ta ut kompensationstimmar (dagar)
  1030 Tjäna in flextimmar
  1032 Ta ut flextimmar
  1033 Ta ut flextimmar (dagar)
  1040 Permission (timmar)
  1041 Permission (dagar)



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