Visma Lön 600 Converter

Convert your data from Visma Lön 600 with the Visma Nmbrs Visma Lön 600 Converter

What data can be converted? 

  • Companies
  • Employees
  • Employee Schedules
  • Functions
  • Cost centers 

What file type do I need? 

To use the Visma Lön 600 Converter you will need an export from Visma Lön 600. You need to have a .bak file ready before using the converter tool. How to get this export can be checked with Visma Lön 600. 

How do I use the Visma Lön 600 Converter? 

1. Go to Settings in the main menu and use the search bar to select the Visma Lön 600 Converter. 

2. Browse to select the file and click "Upload&Convert to Nmbrs Excel".


3. The uploaded file will show in the "Visma Lön 600 Conversion History" as "in Progress".
4. When the conversion is finished, a download icon will appear that allows you to download the Nmbrs importsheet (.xlsx).


Make sure to check the content and add any missing data before moving on to the next step. 

NOTE: if you run into an error, you are always welcome to contact our support

5. Ready to import? You can read all about it here




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