Retroactive correction in the current year (Cash principle)

Here you get a step-by-step on how to perform a correction run for periods in the current year. The steps below are also necessary if you've changed something in a previous year and want the current year periods to apply same changes.



How correction runs work in Sweden

Here you can read more in depth of how correction runs work specifically for countries with cash principle, such as Nmbrs Sweden.



How to make changes in current year

  1. The period
  2. Change the period
  3. Open the padlock
  4. Change the details
  5. Payroll run
  6. Change the period
  7. Current period

The period


Select a company or employee where you want to make the correction. You find the period picker in the top right corner.


Change the period


Change the period to the period from when the change should be applied. Then click on 'Change'.


Open the padlock

Click on the padlock to go to unsecure mode.


Change the details


Enter the correction/change/adjustment for the company or the employee.


As an example, this employee gets a variable wage component. The effects of the changes are automatically included in the correction run.

- Any effects of for example a salary raise on payments that depend on the value of the salary, like the value of vacation days or sick days, are calculated on the correction payslip.
- Any taxes that should be paid for the salary raise and its effects are calculated in the payment period.


Payroll run

  1. Go to the company.
  2. Go to the 'Payroll Processing' tab.
  3. Go to the 'Run' dashlet and click on 'More'.



Click on 'Run'.



In the run popup you see the payment periodIf you run a 'correction only' you can choose payment period in current period or previous period. In a  'Normal run + correction' the payment period is fixed to current period.


The Wage tax declaration will be automatically corrected. Any taxes that should be paid for the salary raise and its effects are calculated in the payment period.


Change the period

The retroactive run has now been executed, click on the period to change this to the current period and click on the padlock to close it.


Current period


Click on 'Current Period' to go to the current period. Then click on 'Change'.


Negative values in corrections

When you execute a retroactive run with a negative payment for the employee then make sure that the employee has agreed to pay the overpaid amount themselves. A negative value cannot be deducted from the employee by Nmbrs via the regular payment file and you have to adjust the gross amount to be 0.

The gross amount needs to be 0 since the tax authorities (Skatteverket) won't accept a negative gross salary and negative taxes in the Wage Tax Declaration.



The journals via integration will be automatically processed according to cash principle. Read more here of the different bookkeeping principles.






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