Up & Go program Accountant Large

Switching to new salary and HR software entails certain steps. Visma Nmbrs has extensive experience in this and we have developed the Up & Go program Large for a smooth implementation process.

Who is it for?

  • Starting clients
  • For accountants who process at least 1,000 payments
  • No prior knowledge of Nmbrs required

What are the goals?

  • A prepared and trained team ready to work with Nmbrs
  • Your own Visma Nmbrs environment where all HR and salary settings are structured efficiently
  • Conversion of all clients (or a portion of them) to Nmbrs
  • Clients who have access to the system

What program support is available?

  • External consultant for three days on location  
  • Regular contact with the Visma Nmbrs Customer Success Team
  • Project management with the help of Basecamp
  • Weekly progress report  
  • Free access to all implementation tools and content


Below is a step-by-step outline of the help we offer. Some parts involve a day on location as part of the Up & Go program Large. Our external consultants visit you on location to go through this program. These experienced consultants are familiar with payroll and HR and know all there is to know about conversions from multiple systems. From the Visma Nmbrs Customer Success team, we monitor the planning and answer all other questions about the setup or conversion, with the object of familiarizing you with the system as quickly as possible.

Step 1 Objectives and strategy
Step 1 entails preparation and an evaluation checklist. This is done under the guidance of the Customer Success Team. The Rollout plan is created and a balanced implementation team is worked out. Together we look at who will be given what training.  

Step 2 Training
In step 2, following the Rollout plan, training is undertaken by the team. Click on the link below for all the information about this.

Step 3 Configuration and preparation for conversion
Step 3 focuses on configuration and preparation for conversion. This stage is the 1st day that an external consultant comes to your location. He takes care of the Kick Off. On this day the Rollout plan is discussed, the converter is checked and setup is commenced. Arrangements for the follow-up process are also agreed

Step 4 Conversion
In step 4, on the 2nd day the consultant will review the setup and explain the next level, and conversion will commence based on a default company.
Next, the conversion of all data to Nmbrs takes place. You do this yourself with remote assistance from our Customer Success team. Before you start, the setup in step 3 needs to have been implemented (partially). Your activities will include the export of data from the previous software system (via converter where possible), preparation of the import sheets and the actual import.

Step 5 Go Live  
In step 5 the clients go live. This means there are salary runs and clients have access to their data. During the 3rd day on location, the consultant will go through this process and check the system to make sure it's operating well. Some runs for the first period can be done that day, and communication with clients is also started.

Step 6 Evaluation
In the last step, the project is evaluated with the account manager via Skype and outstanding issues are discussed. The setup is checked and the project is closed. You will then be transferred to the normal support flow.

What are the costs?  

The Up & Go Accountant Large program (from 1,000 employees) involves three days of assistance on location and costs €2.650,00 (excluding VAT).

How do I start?  

To get started with the Up & Go program, you can purchase it directly from the Nmbrs website, under My Account. For more information about the programs, please contact Sales.







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