Up & Go sessions Accountants small

Below are the sessions described at your location which form part of the Up&Go Small programme.


Day 1 Kick Off Migration/conversion Nmbrs®  

9h30 Discussion Roll-Out plan

  • Discussion on composition and roles of team
  • Discussion on client file (sector/CAO (collective labour agreement))
  • Naming of objective (number of payslips/number of clients)
  • Communication clients/internal/directors/payroll department/other departments

10h00 Discussion planning

  • Going through the steps
  • Discuss risks

11h00 Start Configuration Nmbrs® Accountant

  • Explanation configuration of the Master settings
  • Own theme/email settings
  • Master CAO (employment contract) models, general ledger schedule, wage models / hour models
  • Workflow / Scenarios / Tags

13h00 Configuration Default companies and employees

  • Explanation default companies
  • Copying selection/linking wage models/hour models
  • Configuring/viewing 1 default company within the sector as an example
  • Configuring/viewing 1 default company as a director-main shareholder branch example
  • Default employee settings

14h00 More advanced configuration Nmbrs

  • Working from defaults: System - Master - Debtor
  • Configuration of Nmbrs® authorisation/tags/service levels
  • Creating document viewer/users

14.30 uur Converter Tool

  • Explanation Converter Tool
  • Linking wage components
  • Export to Excel
  • If required, explanation wage declaration XML converter

15h30 Improving Excel file

  • Improving data file in Excel or in current database
  • Option per company or per sector
  • Documenting of modifications in Excel file

16h00 Importing in Nmbrs®

17h00 Conclusion

  • Making arrangements for day 2


Dag 2 Conversion/Go Live

9h30 Progress/state of affairs Migration

  • Discussion progress/ state of affairs
  • Discussion Roll-out plan objective
  • Addressing questions  

11h00 Configuration special company

  • Special company selection
  • Configuring/viewing 1 default company within the sector as an example
  • Converting special company
  • Processing special company
  • Importing special companies
  • Converting special companies
  • Processing special companies
  • Organising/documenting control activities.

13h00 Check configuration Nmbrs®

  • Client access/employee access
  • Internal communication
  • Configured workflow

15.00 uur Go Live

  • Starting up Runs
  • Checking run output
  • Document viewer

16h30 Conclusion

  • If required, organise additional follow-up day
  • Additional support/training
  • Referring to Support knowledge base
  • Activation Nmbrs® update notes


  • Project evaluation
  • Points of improvement
  • Discharge project
  • Transition to regular Support flow





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