Set up integration with Procountor

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This article will explain the integration with Procountor. The following subjects will pass:

  1. Procountor authorization
  2. Sending journals to Procountor
  3. Errors Procountor

Please note!

  • Journals can't be send when the company is marked as 'Test company' or when the debtor is blocked.
  • There is no XML download file. For the sending to Procountor another format is being used which is not possible to download.

Procountor authorization

Check template settings in Visma Nmbrs

First set the rights for Procountor to 'write' in the used template. Check this article how to adjust templates: Adjust Template

Create a Procountor account in Visma Nmbrs

To set up the integration, go to the Procountor settings at master level under the header 'Integration'. Create a new account (1) which must then be authorized. There are no restrictions to this username. After giving in a username, you can authorize the account by clicking on the Procountor icon (2).

Authorize the created account

Login to the showed page from Procountor

After a successful login you are able to choose the company in Procountor which you want to integrate with:

After choosing the company, you will see a 'success' message:


Refresh the page in Visma Nmbrs

The last step in authorizing the account is to refresh the page. After the renewal the icon will be colored and the red message will disappear.

To refresh the page:

After refreshing the page:


Mapping Administrations

After authorizing the account, the administrations can be mapped. Go to the Tab 'Administrations' and choose 'New mapping'. After this, the company can be selected in Visma Nmbrs and the administration in Procountor.

Cost Centers and Cost Units are called Dimensions in Procountor. When you use Cost Centers and/or Cost Units, you need to activate the checkbox for these dimensions and fill in the description of the dimensions. This needs to be similar to the description of the dimensions in Procountor. For more information about Dimensions in Procountor see this article

Please note: It's only possible to map one administration per account. When you want to map another administration, you need to create another account.



Sending to Procountor


Sending the journals

If the integration is fully set up, the Journal entries Export at company level can be used to forward the journal entries to Moneybird. See this article for more information:
Journal entries Export.

When the journals are send to Procountor the logo will turn dark.

Sending corrections to Procountor

When a journal is sent that contains a correction, it will be booked in the period over which the correction will go.

This can be seen in the example below. It is a normal run in June with corrections over the past months. The reference of the journal is equal to the normal run, but is booked in the period over which the correction takes place, in this case January, February, March, April and May.






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